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Giuseppe BianchiGiuseppe Bianchi has been Full Professor of Telecommunications at the School of Engineering of the University of Roma Tor Vergata since January 2007.

He received a specialization degree in information technology from the CEFRIEL research center of Milano in 1990, and the Laurea degree from Politecnico di Milano in March 1991. Before his current appointment, he has been research consultant for CEFRIEL (1991-1993), assistant professor at the Politecnico di Milano (1994-1998), Associate Professor at the University of Palermo (1998-2003) and Associate Professor at the University of Roma Tor Vergata (2003-2007). He spent 1992 as visitor researcher at the Washington University of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and 1997 as visitor researcher at the Columbia University of New York.

He has been the Co-ordinator of the PhD studies in “Telecommunications and Microelectronic Engineering” since November 2008.

His research activity (published on about 100 papers in peer-refereed international journals and conferences) spans several areas, among which: design and performance evaluation of broadband networks; multiple access and mobility management in wrieless local area networks; Quality of Service support in IP; adaptive QoS support; multimedia information retrieval services; programmable networks. His analytical models proposed in 1998-2000 concerning the performance analysis of 802.11 WLAN networks are well known in the research community.

G. Bianchi has been involved in management activities for serveral international and national research projects: european coordinator for the IST-DISCREET project (2005-2008), national coordinator for the european project ITEA-POLLENS (2001-2003), national coordinator for the PRIN-TWELVE project (2005-2006), collaborator to the coordination activities for the european projects IST-FIFTH (2002-2003) and IST-ICEBERGS (2002-2003); responsible of a sub-contract within the project IST-SUITED (2000-2002); scientific coordinator for the research unit Palermo within the project PRIN RAMON (2001-2002); scientific coordinator for the research unit Palermo in the recent FIRB projects TANGO (2002-2004), PRIMO (2002-2005) and VICOM (2002-2005).

He served as Technical Program Committee member and as referee for several international IEEE/ACM journals and conferences. He has been co-organizer of the first Wireless Mobile Internet 2001 workshop, sponsored by ACM, of the first and second WMASH workshop (2003 and 2004), sponsored by ACM, and of the third QoS-IP 2005 conference, sponsored by IEEE. He's currently in the steering committee for the ACM WMASH workshop (now in its fourth edition).