Fabio Patriarca

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Ph.D. in Telecommunications and Microelectronics Engineering

Doctoral Dissertation: Mobility Management in IP networks


  • E-mail: fabio.patriarca.2 – at – uniroma2.it
  • Telephone: +39 067259-7774
  • Netgroup Lab (map)
  • Room: C2-12

Research Interests And Work

  • Mobility on IP Networks
  • Kernel Programming
  • Business Development
  • Business Administration
  • Project Management



  1. M. Bonola, P. Cerqua, F. Patriarca, S. Salsano, “UPMT Per-Application Mobility Management Solution: a Demo for Linux and Android Terminals”, MobiWac’12, October 2012, Paphos, Cyprus
  2. F. Fedi, F. Patriarca, S. Salsano, “Efficient Measurements of IP Level Performance to Drive Interface Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks”, PE-WASUN’12, October 2012, Paphos, Cyprus