The five faculties of the group have been evaluators for many EU research proposals and projects; they coordinated 7 EU projects worth 35M€, obtaining grants for their group worth 6.5 M€

European Union (EU):

  • H2020 EU-JP (2018): Fed4IoT (Internet of things, virtualization, cloud computing – as coordinator)
  • H2020 EU-JP (2016): ICN2020 (Information Centric Networking)
  • H2020 (2014): BONVOYAGE (Intelligent Transport Systems – as coordinator)
  • 6th Framework Programme (2002-2006), IST: EuQoS, SATNEX, SIMPLICITY (as coordinator), SATNEX II, E2R II, DISCREET (as coordinator), SMS (as coordinator)
  • 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002), IST: AQUILA, ELISA, FIFTH, ICEBERGS, SUITED, WHYLESS.COM
  • 4th Framework Programme (1994-1998), ACTS: INSIGNIA, MEDIAN, SECOMS/ABATE and ASSET

European Space Agency (ESA):

  • On-Board Data Interleaving Scheme
  • ATM through satellite Phase I
  • ATM through satellite Phase II
  • Transport Protocol and Resource Management for Mobile Satellite Networks
  • Integrated Resources and QoS Management for DVB-RCS Networks
  • SatNEX-III

Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR):

  • Several MURST 40% and MURST 60% projects
  • FIRB PRIMO (Reconfigurable platforms for wideband wireless communication)
  • FIRB VICOM (Virtual Immersive Communications)
  • PRIN MULTIQOS (Techniques for quality of service guarantee in multi-service telecommunication networks)
  • PRIN RAMON (Reconfigurable Access module for MObile computiNg applications)
  • PRIN TWELVE (ToWards Enhancing 802.11 support of differenciated service LeVEls)
  • PRIN WOMEN (Wireless 802.16 Multi-antenna mEsh Networks)
  • PRIN IMPRESA (Internet Monitoring with PRivacy-PReserving Encoding and Selective Access)

Italian National Research Council (CNR):

  • Progetto Finalizzato Telecomunicazioni
  • Progetto Strategico Reti Locali via Radio a Larga Banda

Research/Consultancy contracts with:

Alenia Spazio, Cisco, DoCoMo, EADS, Ericsson, Siemens, NEC, Space Software Italia/FINMECCANICA, Telecom Italia, Telespazio, PointerCom, Bull, Acotel…

Contribution to Standards Organizations: