Hanieh Rajabi

PhD. Student (2010/2011 – XXVI cycle)


  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
    Master’s degree (M.eng) in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering – Nov 2009.
  • Islamic Azad University, Iran
    B.Eng, Electronic Engineering – Jul 2005.


Research Interests

  • Network security
  • Privacy preserving monitoring systems
  • Security in Software Defined Networks


  • Hanieh Rajabi, M. Nadzir Marsono, Alireza Monemi. “A Framework for Automated Malcode Signatures Generation”. Proceedings of 2010 IEEE Conference on Research and Development, 13 – 14 Dec 2010, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
  • G.Bianchi, H.Rajabi, M.Sgorlon. “Enabling Conditional Cross-Domain Data Sharing via a Cryptographic Approach”. Proceeding of 2011 IEEE Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2011).
  • A. Caponi, H. Rajabi, G. Bianchi, ”Fine-grained disclosure control in Cross-Domain Monitoring Data Sharing”, Extended Abstract, GIRPR Summer School on Computer Security and Privacy, “Building Trust in the Information Age”, Cagliari, August 2012.
  • H. Rajabi, A. Caponi, ”Fine-grained Disclosure Control for Monitoring Data Sharing”, 6th International Conference on Security for Information Technology and Communications, SECITC 2013, Bucharest, Romania, 25-26 June 2013.


  • Mailing Address: Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Roma.
  • Email: hanieh.rajabi@uniroma2.it